Write a paper that focuses on analyzing how the human resource function acts as a strategic business partner for public libraries.

Human Resource Management and Public Libraries
*Write a paper that focuses on analyzing how the human resource function acts as a strategic business partner for public libraries. Use your own thoughts; the report should be original and include general HR concepts. The paper should be organized as follows: First Choose and organization to examine: Plymouth district library (https://plymouthlibrary.org/index.php/about) ; discuss the topic in general (hr in public libraries) and also discuss the organization as well using their website https://plymouthlibrary.org/ be brief and to the point in writing. Then write a paper in the following format: 1. Introduction: Briefly describe how you happened to choose this organization as a focus for this project. (because interested in working as a business/hr manager in a library this particular library has a business/hr manager) 2. How the Human Resource Management Function Acts as a Strategic Business Partner: Please focus this section on the HR Management functions of hiring, staffing, and employee selection; employee relations; EEO/legal compliance; performance management/career development; health, safety and security; and labor relations. (please provide a general discussion of how libraries typically perform these functions and include any info from the library website) 3. Organizational mission and official goals. What do members see as the purpose of this organization? What are the organizations long-term goals? What is their strategic plan? How involved is the HR management function with developing and facilitating the organization’s strategic goals? (Use the library website and discuss library workers views in general) 4. Organizational structure. Describe the organizations structure. Provide a depiction of the chart, either one the organization uses or your own assessment if there is no such document. Describe what the organizational chart tells you about the vertical and horizontal complexity and integration of this organization. Explain how the HR Management function is involved with how the organization is structured, and how involved HR is with reorganizations, downsizings, etc. https://plymouthlibrary.org/images/LibraryBoard/Org_Chart_071613.pdf 5. Organizational culture. Collect and analyze available evidence regarding the culture of this organization. Observables include physical manifestations, such as the physical buildings and real estate (e.g., landscaping, age of buildings), and rites and rituals, as well as verbal aspects, such as stories (and myths) regarding the organization and its founders. Shared values and common assumptions are not immediately apparent, but may be ascertained through a discussion with members. As you need to interview at least two organizational members, preferably one working in the HR Management function, please work with them to help you understand their values and those of the organization. This section is important, as the HR Management function typically acts as the “champion” of communicating and advocating a positive corporate culture within organizations. https://www.google.com/maps?hl=en-US&ll=42.371489,-83.467222&spn=0.005009,0.011362&sll=42.371586,-83.467273&layer=c&cid=10255513393318476413&panoid=XGPvwh0STyyyOlidr7LTRA&cbp=13,303.86,,0,7.82&gl=US&t=h&z=17&cbll=42.371503,-83.467262 6. VI. Conclusions. Please discuss your conclusions as to how the Human Resource Management function has helped the subject organization reach the “next level” by acting as a strategic business partner. An example of the tone and flow of this paper that is expected is as follows: https://www.lisbdnet.com/human-resource-development/