Write a summary paragraph describing the results of the monitoring and controlling of processes and outputs that you conducted during your project.

Healing at Home Project-Management Knowledge Area Monitoring and Controlling Frequency

Healing at Home Project-Management Knowledge Area Monitoring and Controlling Frequency* Detailed Description of F or E Ratings** Process Outputs Integration Management Conducting a small test phase (involving a few nurses/patients) of the following 2 tools (technology oriented) in August 2019, in order to ensure communication among the large interdisciplinary team regarding patients eligible for an expedited discharge. 1. To ensure identification of patients eligible for an expedited discharge is accurate 2. To ensure nursing documentation of patient information is fluent and bi-directional (from SCiP phone to electronic medical record) Recommend corrective action to technology support when an evaluation by a provider expert does not yield the exact same conclusion. F During small testing phases, plan to immediately request changes to technology tools in real time; may test up to 24 – 48 hours. Will re-test and change depending on accuracy of technology, workflow efficiencies, and user confidence. Scope Management Offer a voluntary, expedited discharge to all patients that meet medical and psychosocial criteria, as a standard of care. Forecast-discharge 25-36 hours N Time Management June 2019 – June 2020 Forecast for program to expand to other patient populations within Women’s Health and/or to other service lines N Cost Management Allocating where costs will be utilized (human capital, technology, and supplies) Recommendation of preventative actions, to prevent cost waste and to ensure caliber of cost matches care requirement O Quality Management Conduct pre data analytics, with a comparison of ongoing, outcome measures Recommend corrective action if pre data is not achieved or considered not sufficient to compare with intervention. Forecast a project termination. E If pre data is unable to be attained, the team may need to add an incentive for patients. If pre data states that there is no issue with newborns seeing their pediatrician within 48 hours or lactation exclusivity at 2 weeks. If outcome measures as the following occur, the project could cease: -Increase in readmissions (for parent or newborn) -Increase in unplanned pediatric visits Human-Resource Management Managing 6 project team members, 1 research coordinator, 72 postpartum staff, and a multitude on interdisciplinary team members (social workers, case managers, pediatricians, obstetricians, residents, advanced nursing providers) Forecast an additional nursing full time equivalent, if increase in workload remains or if LOA milestones are not achieved. Forecast E The project team responsibilities will not require change, but their input on daily testing (occurring in July), and when testing the program at full scale will require weekly meetings to assure outcomes are being measured and achieved, with ease from the entire interdisciplinary team. Survey staff for satisfaction often Communication Management Stakeholder meetings, Staff meetings, weekly team meetings, monthly mentorship meetings, executive report outs quarterly; communication to patients on enrollment; to outpatient pediatricians receiving enrolled patients Forecast monitoring of patient volume to determine sense of marketing requirements; Preventative measures for staff (institute scripting sessions or trained communication staff to enroll patients) E Based on average weekly enrollment, marketing materials will be developed and utilized. Risk Management 1. A HIPPA secured texting platform will be utilized to maintain communication after the patients experience an expedited discharge. 2. Utilizing Agent to identify (without need for constant human review) patients that qualify for an expedited discharge 1. 1. Forecast success 2. 2. Recommended defect repair—trained staff to review algorithm outputs O Procurement Management Consulting two HIPPA secured texting platform vendors Request to change to formally adopting one HIPPA secured texting platform O Frequency Key: N=Never, O = Occasional (1-4 times), F= Frequent (5-10 times), E = Excessive (>10 times) *Record the number of times that you had to monitor and control each knowledge area during the project, using the frequency key above. ** Write a detailed description about any occurrences that happened more than 5 times or were rated frequent (F) or excessive (E). Summary Write a summary paragraph describing the results of the monitoring and controlling of processes and outputs that you conducted during your project. Outputs include 3. Recommended corrective actions 4. Recommended preventive actions 5. Forecasts 6. Recommended defect repair 7. Requested changes

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