write advantages and disadvantages of jury and magistrate

write advantages and disadvantages of jury and magistrate so be careful that you write equal advantages and disadvantages of both juries and magistrate in English legal system. most importantly the all marks are for analysis and evaluation along with counter point. writer please focus on analysis and evaluation along with counter point which told by our tutor and all the marks are of this this. our tutor told that if you will pick one advantages of jury then you will write advantage then evidence from the source and analysis/evaluation and counter point and same for advantages. please follow this structure in every advantages and disadvantage you made for jury and magistrate. I don not want any introduction and just start from advantage and disadvantages and uses source for evidence. analysis, evaluation, evidence using sources and counter points matter a lot. these advantages and disadvantages paragraph must be 400 words.my second paragraph is about specificities issues to be considered with juries and magistrate in this no introduction is required and in this paragraph you will pick specific issue the evidence and analysis and evaluation and counter point if necessary. please follow this structure for every specific issue you pick because essay structure matters a lot and this is told by out tutor. the specificities issue about you can choose is about the social media that how jury check get the information of case about claimant or defendant on social media and they did not decide case on fairness and fact due to this. please focus on this. the second specific issue you can focus is about internet and the cases or previous cases jury search and give decision. the third issue could be training they are not legally qualified less interested and court point could be bribery threats jury face which leads to wrong unfair result and any other specific issues you think of jury now a days. for magistrate you can discuss about compensation, background issue white people certain age and certain background and the issues with this. the second issue about biased and third issue of their skills and experience and any other issues about jury and magistrate. writer I am done with introduction and conclusion just I need these two paragraphs please and this essay weightage is 75% of module so it is really important for my progression.the things matter in this paper is analysis/ evaluation and counterpoint if needed and the evidence and sources and research and knowledge. I will attach the marking scheme so you could get the ideas for marks. please use 15 sources using Osceola and use only books and journal articles. please use at least 5 books. please analysis/ evaluation/ knowledge and understanding/evidence/counterpoint/sources and research matters a lot and these are the things we can get mark. in this essay tutor told that we will also see the information or knowledge collected is expanded and modify into another situation. please provide me good paper. the word limit is excluding bibliography in word limit. provide me bibliography with 5 books and 10 journal rticle.