Write an essay of 5-7 pages

Write an essay of 5-7 pages that demonstrates engagement with the assigned material from class since the midterm, including D.T. Suzuki, Alexander Lowen, the short stories where appropriate, Pema Chodron, and/or T.S. Eliot. 
Your task is to write an interpretation and analysis of the film Ground Hog Day as a story of enlightenment.  What are the stages does Phil go through to gain his liberation? What is the key moment in his awakening? Be sure to draw on the assigned readings from class to help you develop your analysis. Do a careful, “close reading” of the film. This means you can’t be too specific. Develop your discussion by focusing in on specific examples—key moments–from the film. Explain what you mean and why you believe your “key moment” is essential to understanding the character’s development.
Please follow MLA formatting. MLA documentation and style sheet guidelines can be found easily and quickly:  google “OWL Purdue MLA” and you will find the ideal site for help with formatting.  Formatting includes proper citation of quoted material as well as formatting, font size, margins, and so on.


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