Write an Introductory paragraph, which describes how students obtained consent/made arrangements for interview and which introduces information about what the paper will cover and where the interview took place.

seek out an individual of another culture other than your own (and different from your book discussion) to interview regarding their culture. The purpose of this assignment is to further develop your interviewing skills, in addition to learning about another culture. Do not limit yourself to ethnicity as culture, but consider social structures/cultures as well.

Once an individual has been chosen, you need to find resources that can be read in preparation for the interview. These sources must be reliable and professional. At least one of the sources must be a peer reviewed journal article. There must be at least 3 resources for this assignment that you will incorporate into the text of the paper.

The body of the paper will center on the 12 domains. Use the domains as an interview guide. You can also use your interactional and observational skills to gather information on the 12 domains.

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For the next section of the paper, imagine this individual in an acute care setting. Identify at least 3 nursing interventions you would incorporate into their standard care plan, based on their cultural needs. Use Leininger’s 3 modes of 1) cultural care preservation and /or maintenance, 2) cultural care accommodation and/or negotiation, and 3) cultural care repatterning or restructuring to guide the interventions if needed.

The final section of the paper should be a discussion of the interview as a cross-cultural communication experience (from your own cultural perspective observing/interpreting their culture). For example, what verbal/nonverbal differences or barriers did you note? What changes did you have to make in your own communication patterns to accommodate the interviewee? Also include in this section what you personally learned from the experience and from the interviewee.

Format: Please DO NOT write in first person, use headers for each of the 12 domains, the cultural intervention section, and your discussion of the cross-cultural experience. The paper should follow APA guidelines; include a title page, an introduction and conclusion paragraph, and a reference page. The body of your paper should not be longer than 8 pages (25 points will be deducted for papers over 8 pages) (excluding title page, reference page, and grading rubric).

Please submit your paper electronically under Assignments and Rubrics.

Grading rubric must be included at the end of the paper. If it is missing points will be deducted from your grade (see rubric).


__________ 1. Write an Introductory paragraph, which describes how students obtained consent/made arrangements for interview and which introduces

information about what the paper will cover and where the interview took place. (25)

__________ 2. Record data, which are thorough, relevant, and presented in logical progression, include all 12 domains from Purnell & Paulanka, if possible. When discussing a domain place the number in the sentence and if unable to use a domain state the reason why. (40)

__________ 3. Identify and discuss actual, potential or possible nursing diagnoses (3) and nursing interventions (3) per diagnosis. Place number at the start of each diagnosis and intervention. If nursing diagnoses are not present, simply focus on culturally competent care by examples and/or clear explanations. (30)

__________ 4. Minimum of three references (one may be text) are read and integrated into discussion of data. Look up your interviewee’s culture and compare/contrast what you found in the interview to known practices and traditions of their culture. (35)

__________ 5. Describe the cross-cultural communication process experienced during

the interview. (15)

Adequately describes experience
Shows insight
What worked well
What you would do differently next time

__________ 6. Conclude with a paragraph summarizing your paper and discussing the most important thing you learned from your interview with the informant. Include something you may have wanted to ask but didn’t or wish you could have. (25)

__________ 7. Use APA format. Length of paper. (30)

__________ 8. Organization: Overall structure is clear and logical. Each paragraph is well organized. Transitions between sentences and between paragraphs are fluid and logical. (15)

__________ 9. Style: Sentences are carefully constructed and vary in length. Language is precise and sophisticated. Words are denotatively and connotatively correctly. (15)

__________ 10. Proof paper for typographical errors and correct writing mechanics. (25)