Written Paper1. A research paper discussing and analyzing in detail a problem i

Written Paper
1. A research paper discussing and analyzing in detail a problem in contemporary research in astronomy or astrophysics. The written report should demonstrate an essentially complete understanding of the basic scientific issues and the current status of research in this area.
2. A written report describing the background, goals, and findings of the research is required.
3. Your project must reflect appropriate sources and documentation
4. Formulate a catchy astronomy-related topic;
5. Create an Astronomy research paper outline;
6. Pay attention to the title page of your paper;
7. Write an attention-drawing introduction;
8. Structure the body with evidence
9. End it by stating your findings
Written Paper- Mechanics
1. Double space
2. Should not exceeds 6 pages
3. Must include appropriate references-sources
4. Include diagrams/graphs/pictures/tables- any combination
List of suggested Topics
1. Can there be life on other planets of our system?
2. Exploring the planets- (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) Choose one. Describe its Structure, Atmosphere, Orbital and Physical Properties
• Rotation Rates
• Atmospheres
• The Surface
• Internal Structure and Geological History
3. Exploring Black Holes
4. The riddle of Supernova.
5. The genesis of the Universe – the Big Bang Theory.
6. The birth of the universe, evolution, and the singularity.
7. Technological processes in space flight conditions.
8. Use of space technologies for Earth exploration.
9. Constellations of the northern sky.
10. Modern ground-based optical telescopes.
11. The attraction of the star sky.
12. Observations of rare astronomical phenomena.
13. Are there any habitable planets outside the Solar system?
14. Investigation of the sunspots motion.