Wsh and vbscript response | Information Systems homework help

Provide (2) 200 words response with a minimum of 1 APA references for RESPONSES 1 AND 2 below. Response provided should further discuss the subject or provide more insight. To further understand the response, below is the discussion post that’s discusses the responses. 100% original work and not plagiarized. Must meet deadline.


What are pros / cons of using command line arguments / parameters, why use them? 

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When you write a script and incorporate parameters, you set pre-determined values. These values are stored in the script, and are always available. You can also change parameters as you use the script, to filter your data, or change a calculation. I believe that adding parameters into a script is slightly more complicated, and takes a higher level of programming knowledge to use them correctly. Parameters are mostly using when scripting or programming. 

Arguments are values that will need to be input into a command line every time you use them. The upside to this, is you can change the values every time you use the script/command line, and do not have to only run the script/command line with the pre-determined values. Writing a script using arguments allows for fewer lines of code, and usually just involves opening command prompt and typing something in. This is way easier than writing a program. Another downside to arguments, would be, that you would almost have to be the person who wrote the script to use it, because they will only run when you enter certain pre-defined number of arguments. If the instructions are not clear, the program will simply not work. This would leave me to believe that a script that uses parameters would be easier to use.


Each program language has interesting lengths of how information is created and expressed. According to the week 3 lesson, the visual basic for applications (VBA) is full of adventure and creativity throughout programming. There are many ways to run a VBScript program, and these can be executed throughout the command prompt. According to the week 3 lesson, there is a difference between the expression and statements in the VBScript. The expression is displayed as an equation and or formula, while the statement is the computer receiving instruction from the VBScript program statements.

Without programming, many of the great software that has been used today, will not be developed. Mobile applications such as Microsoft teams, skype, or even the other types of applications such as video games for the mobile phone, are all possible through the use of programming. Everything has a language, and it is important to understand that scripting language is a crucial element throughout the world of information technology, administration of information technology networks, and programming itself. The use of the command line argument and or parameters are crucial throughout the use of programming. Command line arguments provides a type of space or separation, and appropriate quotation marks in order to enclose the argument being presented after the initial one (Ford, 2015). Arguments provide a road of structure and understanding within the world of programming. A parameter provides great lengths of effort and execution to prevent the losing of data that is stored inside before the original size of the array was increased (Ford, 2015).

Javier Walters


Ford, J. L. (2015). Microsoft WSH and VBScript programming for the absolute beginner (4th ed.).