XAB011 Assessment Task 2 – Oral Presentation Nursing

Prepare and deliver a 3-minute oral presentation on one of the topics below.
You are able to use PowerPoint slides and/or visuals to support your presentation, but they are not necessary.
You also need to submit a 200-word summary of your presentation topic at the end of Week
9 into the Assessment folder marked “Oral Presentation and Summary” on myLO. This is just a short paragraph overview of your presentation topic. It is NOT your presentation, or slides. Due date for summary: Sunday 11 April
Please note, this summary is not marked separately, but is a part of the assessment criteria.
You will choose ONE of the topics below to present on.
• What are the benefits of engaging in a hobby? Choose a hobby or interest you have. Describe what it is and how you feel when participating. What are the specific benefits you have found by engaging in this activity?
• Research a theory presented in this unit so far and present your findings i.e. Strengths-based approach, Reflective practice, Motivations, Time Management, Engagement and Flow, Self Determination Theory, Goal Setting Theory etc.
• Explain the benefis of a strengths-based approach in education.
• Choose 4 of your strengths. How will you apply them in your prosective career. Give an example for each.
• Reflect on your prospective career. What does it entail? What are some of the roles and responsibilities in your chosen career? What lead you to this choice? What are the current opportunities in this area in Tasmania?
• What does a student need in place to succeed at University?
Delivery Options
You have TWO options.
1. You can present in the online workshop you attend. Please email yor workshop facilitator (Flo or Amy) to advise if you would like to present IN CLASS in Week 10.
2. Alternatively you are able to record your presentation and upload the video to myLO in the assessment submission box by MONDAY 12 APRIL 11.59pm.
Whatever option you choose, you are still requested to come along to the workshop in Week 10 to support the students presenting live.
Both options will need to submit a 200-word written summary of your presentation by Sunday Week 9 . This will not be marked as part of the assessment but is part of the assessment criteria.
If presenting live, you will need a working camera and microphone.
If you do not have this set up currently, it is your responsibility to be ready to present in Week 10. Please contact your workshop facilitatorif you need to discuss anything further.
Presentation Summary in by Sunday 11 April 11.59pm
Oral Presentations – Week 10 Workshop time.
You should refer to the Assessment Task Rubric to make sure that you are addressing the criteria that you will be marked against.

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