Create an intervention for children
Create an intervention for children that could be utilized in school, community centers, or counselling groups.
The first part of your paper is to decide what area you would like to create the intervention in.
For instance, would it be to prevent bullying behaviour?
Once you decide on your topic, you must research WHY this topic is important.
What does current research tell us about this topic?
Why is it important to intervene? What is happening to teens because of this topic?
This first part of the paper should include citations from peer reviewed journals; it should be about 2 pages long. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! For assistance with APA formatting, please refer to this website:
The second part of your paper is to design an intervention to address this area of concern. This intervention cannot just be pulled out of your head with no foundational research.
You must investigate, through research, what interventions have been done in this area, which ones were successful and which ones were not, and what you would do differently and why.
You must also tie the intervention that you will create to some theory or theories either that we have learned in class or which you researched yourself.
Lastly the paper must detail how the intervention would be implemented being as specific as possible. Would you hold classes? Groups? Explain. This portion of your paper should be at least 3 more pages.
Be sure to include a reference page and be sure the paper is written in APA style. There is a link to the Purdue Owl (above) which is an excellent resource for assistance with APA.


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