1) Half The Sky Ch. 8 Book

1) Half The Sky Ch. 8 Book
Abortion. Lets talk about it. The authors argue that the focus should perhaps not be “is this right or wrong?; should women have the choice?” but rather “what can we do so that women aren’t even in the situation where abortion is on the table?” Do you agree? Why or why not? Support your answer. Assuming that the authors statement is true, no matter if you are pro-life or pro-choice, what would be some practical steps that you/the USA/the church could take in furthering this effort? How are these different than how you/the USA/the church has gone about addressing abortion in the past? If you see a disparity, why do you think it exists?
2) Half The Sky9 & 10 Book
Chapter 9 focuses on how Islam is misogynistic and also mentions briefly a history of misogyny in Christianity. Do you agree with this (brief) assessment of Christianity? In other words, do you think that Christianity has misogyny in its roots? Thoughtfully explain your answer.
3) One of the highly significant issues facing Biola, the church, and each of ourselves as Christ followers is how we respond to those who identify as LGBTQIA+ Christians and those who experience some significant degree of same-sex attraction that makes it very difficult to engage in a meaningful, committed, heterosexual marriage relationship, but choose to not identify as belonging to one of these sexual minority groups–rather, they commit themselves to a celibate life, which, for many, is a very difficult path. 
There have been numerous dialogues surrounding this topic in recent years, as well as more solidification of theories surrounding how we can best enter into discourse around these issues–e.g. the labeling and establishment of “Side A” versus “Side B” as a way of categorizing one’s beliefs about sexual minority orientation/expression. 
This week’s discussion will in part be tied to your response to watching {A}Sexuality, but feel free to discuss the above prompt in general and expand your exploration through the below resource as well… 
4) A relatively new arena of study in our field of sexuality is that of prenatal psychology. It is increasingly realized that there are roughly three months during which the child’s brain has developed sufficiently to register the stimuli of sound and touch. But since the child has no language capacity, what the child is able to experience is the sensory nature of those sounds, be they words and/or tones (including musical tones) and touches, and respond emotionally. The child is also able to learn the melodies it has the opportunity to hear and to learn as well the sounds of words and other vocal expressions in addition to the emotional tone of those words and vocal expressions.
As we consider God’s design of the nine month gestation for the child, we can recognize that a child’s parents have that three month or longer period to provide their child with a variety of intentional sound and touch experiences that contribute learning experiences to their child’s development. These experiences become part of that child’s preparation for birth and the greatly expanded developmental experiences outside the womb.
In light of all of this… 
What do you imagine God might have intended for this period of time? What might parents attempt to achieve during that gestation period by way of preparation for their child’s birth and how might they maximize that opportunity for the wellbeing of their child?


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