1200 word min. at least 3 scholarly sources due 11/21


In Unit One, students are introduced to the logic of comparisons and analysis. Students will learn why analyzing data is important and necessary to the criminal justice system. For the Unit 1 Complete assignment, students will propose a research study on a criminal justice topic of interest. Write a narrative essay / proposal (minimum 1,200 words) that includes the research outline headings presented on p. 12 of the text. The proposal should include the following outline topics at a minimum:

  • Research Question(s)
  • Hypothesis
  • Null Hypothesis
  • Research Design (how data would be collected for the study)

Use at least three scholarly references to support the proposal and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections. List the references at the end of the proposal in APA format and utilize in-text citations within the narrative to denote the information derived from the listed references.

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