4-5pg essay 750–1000 words with proper citation of sources. (the | MGMT 3200 | University of Georgia

A Traditional Short Essay 750 –1000 words with proper citation of sources AND Graph/Chart 

The Course Book is: Fundamentals of Financial Management: Concise

10th Edition, Eugene F. Brigham, University of Florida & Joel F. Houston, University of Florida

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ISBN: 978-1-337-90257-1

The MGNT 3200 Capstone Project Is Now Optional! 

The purpose of this optional project is to show me what you’ve learned in whatever way works best for you! 

Pick a Topic You’d Like to Learn More About (Possible Topics Also Attached to integrate into paper ?) 

The Attached Word Document is just an example of what was covered last month.(This material is suitable still though). BELOW ARE ADDITIONAL TOPICS. (MY THOUGHTS WERE FINANCIAL MARKETS AND THE PANDEMIC …, LIKE HOUSE LOANS ARE 2.95% LOWEST EVER !!! ETC.)

•Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis 

Financial Markets in the Pandemic 

•Regulation of Financial Markets 

•Analysis of a Specific Investment Strategy 

•Critique of Efficient Market Theory 

•Critique of Behavioral Finance 

•U.S Taxation rages compared with other countries 

•Corporate tax and “double taxation” 

•How a specific company or industry manages financial risk 

•Sources of funding for small business 

•Risks and benefits of financial leverage 

•Uses and/or abuses of financial derivatives 

•Implementation of microfinance 

•Opportunities and drawbacks of specific careers in finance 

•Specific examples of finance in literature or film 

These are just Examples Really, anything you’re interested in that’s somehow related to finance is okay! 

A Traditional Short Essay 750 –1000 words with proper citation of sources AND Graph/Chart to express percentages or any calculations or examples. 

Make a Proposal 

•To take advantage of this exciting offer you must submit a brief proposal, around 150 words, of what you plan to do no later than November 30.