5Instructional Unit Create

Instructional Unit Create a developmentally appropriate one-week instructional unit that focuses on a secondary grade level and content area of your choice. Your instructional unit must include a unit plan, an annotated bibliography of materials, and four lesson plans. Unit Plan Provide a unit title, a unit focus, a unit goal, and unit objectives.
Write a narrative of the development of the unit that includes the following: • Summary of how the unit goal and unit objectives are appropriate for the grade level and content area chosen • List of strategies implemented for culturally responsive teaching to demonstrate cultural competence • Explanation of how specific learning needs will be addressed throughout the unit • List of strategies that can be used to increase student motivation and engagement • Explanation of how formative and summative assessment will be used to plan, evaluate, and strengthen instruction and will promote continuous learning Annotated Bibliography
Prepare an APA-formatted annotated bibliography of materials needed for the unit. Resources must be aligned with and support unit objectives. Include the following in your annotated bibliography: • 3–5 fiction and non-fiction trade books related to your unit • 2–3 resources for parents to support student learning objectives (e.g., websites, books) • 1–2 references for teachers and parents about community resources Lesson Plans Create four developmentally appropriate lesson plans for your unit.
Include the following in each lesson plan: • Objectives that meet the following criteria: o Reflect various levels of thinking based on a research-based taxonomy of thinking skills o Are specific, measurable, and observable o State what students will know and be able to do o Align to state and national content area standards o Are grade-level and content-area appropriate • List of materials for the lesson and any necessary handouts created for the lesson, including resources that can be used to develop students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills 


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