A Business Proposal is mainly written for the purpose of bringing together two businesses or entrepreneurs,

A Business Proposal is mainly written for the purpose of bringing together two businesses or entrepreneurs,
who have a common interest, but different backgrounds and expertise. The Business Proposal sets out the
main opportunities and strategies, which would help both businesses profit more together, than each one
would separately. A Business Proposal is typically used by ‘Business to Business’ service companies (e.g.
accounting firms or logistics companies) to recruit new customers after an initial general approach to the
business targeted.
Use the following template, when writing a Business Proposal:
? The cover page must include:
Image or Company Logo (Company making the proposal)
Title of the proposal
Prepared for:
Company Name
Contact Details
Submitted by:
Company Name
Contact details
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Submitted on (Date)
? The Proposal starts with a ‘Statement of confidentiality & Non-Disclosure’. This aims to protect the
intellectual property and confidentiality of either party involved
? Like a Business Report, the Business Proposal has an ‘Executive Summary’. This is a separate section of
the Proposal and appears at the front. It contains key findings, opportunities and recommendations of the
proposal. Not necessary for this report.
? The contents page lists all parts of the Business Proposal (add links to page numbers later):
1. Company background
• Brief overview and achievements of the targeted company or business
2. Identification of Needs & Opportunity
• SWOT or Needs analysis of the targeted business Not necessary for this assessment
• Assumptions regarding additional requirements
• The main Opportunity
• Project Scope
3. Proposed Strategy or Plan
• Objectives
• Overall Strategy
• Deliverables
4. Benefits of our Proposal
• Our Competitive Advantage
• Our Team Qualifications
• Our Success Stories
5. Implementation Plan
• Methodology
• Scheduling
• Testing & Evaluation
• Performance Indicators
6. Costs or Budget
• Cost breakdown
• Payment Terms
• Guarantees
7. Conclusion
The conclusion expresses hope that the company will consider the new business relationship based on this
proposal. It also outlines the steps that should be performed in order to come to a final and binding agreement
(incl. further submissions, counter proposals, negotiation of fees, clauses and conditions.
These contain supporting information, flow diagrams, installation schematics, financial projections,
testimonials from clients, limitation of liability, applicable patent law, etc.
Please adapt the above template for the specific proposal you write for Dr Simmons.
Note: For this exercise:
• you don’t need to submit an executive summary (This is beyond the scope of 1000 words)
• You don’t need to submit a SWOT analysis (The information given in the scenario is sufficient)