A quick guide to selecting the best coffee grinders for beginners


A Quick Guide To Selecting The Best Coffee Grinders For Beginners

Coffee is no doubt one of the most consumed everyday drinks in the world. Many of us depend on a good cup of coffee in the morning as a perfect way to kick off the day. Due to the lack of time, it is usually more convenient to buy pre-ground coffee. However, lots of coffee lovers have been seeking high and low for the best rated coffee grinders – the top coffee grinder to enhance their favorite drink quality. If you belong in this category, you have come to the right place. We are now going to show you the most important things to know about selecting a good coffee grinder.

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Types of coffee grinders

First of all, let’s get you familiar with the two major elements that affect the quality of your ground coffee, the particle size, and the consistency of the grind. When you are thinking about the brewing methods, some techniques like French brewing will require coarse coffee particles, while others like Espresso would be better off with small and fine particles. Whatever method you choose, it is always preferable that your batch of ground coffee is consistent, meaning the particles should be similar in size. Simply put, if you want to know what is the best coffee grinder, the level of grind consistency produced by each device will decide it for you.

– Blade grinders are those tools that use the blades to do the job at a fairly low price. Unfortunately, this budget section of grinders only produces uneven grind. Using a blade coffee grinder will likely result in beans being sliced into different size particles, from powdery coffee to chunks of coffee. This is a problem when it comes to brewing because you have not been able to extract all the flavors from the bigger pieces, while the powdery coffee will end up being over-extracted. Sometimes inconsistent ground coffee may entirely spoil the taste of your coffee cup, making it weak or bitter. It is also another challenge to maintain the same quality time after time because of the constantly changing grind. Despite all its shortcomings, it is important to note that a blade grinder will still do for beginners who want to test the water with only a minor investment at first.

– On the other hand, burr grinders are more suitable for people in a higher league. If you wish to help yourself to the best possible taste of coffee, or that you have purchased some expensive coffee beans, the optimal option for you is no other than the best burr coffee grinder you could get your hand on. Unlike blade grinders, burr grinders offer higher precision and control over the particle size and its grind consistency. You get the option to tune the settings on the best burr coffee grinders to get your desired particle size. The end result is usually uniform ground coffee that will not compromise the taste of your coffee. Repeating the quality of the last good batch is possible with burr grinders just by using the same settings. In addition, this type of grinders reduces heat transfer during the process to help preserve the original flavors of the beans.

For all these reasons, burr grinders are more recommendable if the flavors of your coffee are at the top of your priorities. Next, we will look into other aspects of grinders to help your decision-making process.

Burr shape

You will learn that burr grinders are split into two categories, flat burrs, and conical burrs. Some believe the conical ones tend to grind at a higher speed and take less time to finish a batch. They have more cutting surface compared with the flat burrs. Meanwhile, it is believed that flat burr grinders manage the particle size better, which will be necessary for brewing espresso. Other brewing methods such as press, drip, and pour-over do not require significant control over the grind size to churn out good coffee, and so, any burr grinder can easily meet the standard.

Burr size

Size is an important factor for you to tell one burr grinder from another. Understanding how a burr grinder works to crush the coffee beans will explain why the larger the burr size is, the better. Larger burr size provides more cutting edge. That means coffee beans will be crushed with a fewer number of rotations in those grinders with larger burrs. A batch of ground coffee being done quicker is less exposed to heat during the whole process. Naturally, that will lessen the chance of losing its flavors and aroma. For those who want to buy a specific burr grinder for home use, a burr size of around 40 millimeters is enough to serve all the needs you may have.

Burr material

The most used materials of burrs in the top-rated coffee grinders are ceramic and steel. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You will find that steel is the more popular choice if you grind a large amount at once because they are better at regulating heat. However, they do not stay sharp as long as the ceramic ones and will need replacement after a shorter time period. Ceramic burrs are often more costly to be replaced and could be damaged if they encounter some foreign objects during the grind.

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Grind adjustment

Adjusting the grind size on the best coffee grinders is highly customizable thanks to the many settings they come with. The two types of grind settings are stepped and stepless. The stepless system will give you infinite options to set your exact desired grind size by not limiting you to any presets. If you are not that hard on your coffee taste, the stepped grinders still allow you to achieve great results for your ground coffee.

Dosing option

There are some models that will release and keep your ground coffee in separate compartments. These are the doser grinders that are designed to split your ground coffee into small portions that will sit until they are consumed. For those users who like to have their coffee freshly served, doserless options will be the better fit.


We cannot ignore the fact that coffee grinders are not cheap. If you only want to slightly improve your taste, go with a blade grinder. If you truly want to experience the best and can afford to do so, choose one of the best burr coffee grinders. Either way, always remember that a more expensive model is likely to have a longer lifespan than a cheap one. In the long term, a one-time investment in a high-end model is probably going to win you more than you may think.

Above are the most crucial things that need your consideration when you are on the quest to find the best home coffee grinder for your needs. We would also suggest that you start going back to your brewing methods and their technical requirements to better identify your needs for your future grinder. To further assist you in your pursuit, we would recommend you to read the best coffee grinder reviews on TheKingLive for more information, and our team’s best value picks of coffee grinders.