Adventures Panama Canal – The Mountain and the Mosquito (Nat Geo)




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1 How many people died during the construction of the Panama Canal?

2 Each year how many ships transit through the Panama Canal?

3 Which US President was responsible for the Canal and what were his motivations?

4 What types of adverse environmental and health obstacles were present?

5 Discuss the living/working (and disease) conditions in the PC construction zone?

6 Describe the solutions implemented for yellow fever and other diseases.

7 Provide examples of steps taken by the US to overcome obstacles in the construction of the PC.

8 Explain the lock system for ships and why it was necessary.

9 What was unusual about President Roosevelt’s visit to the PC?

10 Provide examples of the engineering feats necessary for the completion of the Canal and its locks.


Forgotten Ellis Island (YouTube)

1 What types of diseases were present in many immigrants arriving at the Ellis Island Hospital?

2 Under what circumstances would arriving immigrants be deported?

3 Between 1880 and 1924 how many immigrants came to the US?

4 How did health/citizenship scrutiny vary among 1st, 2nd and 3rd class passengers arriving inn the US?

5 Up to ____________ immigrants per day came through for medical inspection. One in _______ were flagged for further inspection due to suspected medical problems.

6 In what year did the Ellis Island Hospital open? _____________

7 Why did many immigrants feel frightened by the hospital environment?

8 How many immigrants died on Ellis Island?

9 How were immigrants from Northern and Western Europe often perceived/treated differently from those from Eastern/Southern Europe? Why?

10 Define eugenics and explain how it impacted US immigration policies.

11 What types of deficiencies existed with attempts to test for intelligence?

12 ______% of immigrants were deported due to infectious diseases.

13 What developments led to the decline and eventual closure of Ellis Island

14 ________ out of 10 patients treated at the Ellis Island Hospital were cured and ultimately allowed to enter the US.



We Heard the Bells: The Influenza of 1918

1 ________________ Americans died of the flu outbreak of 1918, __________ more than died in WWI.

2 When does the flu season usually peak in the US?

3 In a typical year ___________________ Americans are hospitalized and __________________ die from flu complications.

4 Describe how the pandemic impacted some small, remote Inuit communities.

5 What mistakes did Philadelphia & Baltimore make in dealing with the initial outbreak?

6 What are the 2 ways to acquire immunity to a disease?

7 How is a pandemic different from a regular flu season?

8 In what years during the 20th century did new flu pandemics emerge?

9 Why was it important for researchers to exhume victims of the 1918 pandemic who had been buried in permafrost?

10 What did researchers eventually conclude concerning the origins of the 1918 virus?

11 Describe volunteerism and community service that emerged in El Paso and other areas in the 1918 pandemic.

12 What types of actions were taken in many US cities to successfully stave off the 1918 pandemic—or lessen its impact?

13 What advantages do we have today that did not exist in 1918?



The Century: America’s Time – 1914-1919 Shock

1 How many Americans drowned during the sinking of the Lusitania?

2 At the end of the first year of WWI, French casualties alone approached ______________________.

3 How did the war impact the US economically?

4 What impact did the war have upon labor in the US?

5 How many countries were eventually drawn into the conflict?
6 Describe conditions during trench warfare.




7 What was meant by the term “industrialization of war”?

8 What new weapons were routinely used in WWI?

9 What was the outcome of the 6-month Somme campaign?

10 Which Russian political figure did Germany help return to Russia? Why?

11 When/why did the US enter the war?

12 Describe the shortcomings of US troops arriving in Europe?

13 What role did US troops play in the Spring 1918 German offensive?

14 After the war, what economic conditions arose in the US?

15 How many men died in WWI?

16 How was the Treaty of Versailles characterized?



Wounded Knee Documentary – Narrated by Kenny Rogers (

1 What changes began for the Sioux by the 1860s and what were the impacts?

2 Why were Native Americans becoming dissatisfied by the 1880s?

3 What changes began for the Sioux in 1899? Explain the Ghost Dance in your answer.

4 Why did the Ghost Dance make white settlers uneasy?

5 How did a US Indian agent contribute to the building crisis?

6 In what ways did newspaper reporters further incite the situation? Why?

7 Why did Chief Sitting Bull eventually join the Ghost Dance movement?

8 Under what circumstances did Chief Sitting Bull die?

9 What events led to the massacre (gunfire) at Wounded Knee?

10 What fate befell Sioux women and children at Wounded Knee?

11 How many casualties were incurred by each side?

12 What impact did the massacre have upon the Ghost Dance movement?


Surviving the Dust Bowl

1. WWI facilitated the expanded production of what crop?______________________________


2. Who were the “suitcase farmers”?

3. How many years were required to deposit 1 inch of soil (naturally) in the southern US plains?

4. What new “plague” began to impact the area in 1935? Explain in detail.

5. Describe “Black Sunday” of 1935.

6. Explain the causes, characteristics and remedies designed to treat “dust pneumonia”.




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