Advise Victoria, Marcel and Alex on the legality of the removal of their citizenship.


Part 1

Rebecca is an Irish national living in Dublin with her husband Alfredo who is a Peruvian national. Alfredo has a daughter from a previous marriage called Abigail (also a Peruvian national) who is 10 years old and lives with them. Alfredo has given up work to look after Abigail and as such is financially dependent on Rebecca but is looking for part time work while Abigail is at school.

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The company Rebecca works for is expanding into Austria and wants Rebecca to run their new office in Vienna, an opportunity that Rebecca is very excited to take up as it means a promotion and a significant pay rise. However, while Alfredo and Abigail have leave to remain in Ireland, Rebecca is concerned that she will not be able to take them with her to Austria and if she does, she is concerned whether that they will be able to return to Ireland should she return.

Advise Rebecca, Alfredo and Abigail on their situation both in terms of whether Rebecca will be able to travel to Vienna for work and take Alfredo and Abigail with her. Also discuss whether or not Alfredo will be entitled to seek part-time work when in Austria. Also advise them on whether or not, should they choose to return, whether Alfredo and Abigail will be able to return to Ireland with Rebecca.

Part 2

Marcel has been living with his long-term partner Victoria in the UK for 10 years. Victoria is a UK Citizen by virtue of her birth in the UK to British Parents. Marcel on the other hand came to the UK as a Polish Citizen with his cousin Alex. Both Marcel and Alex have now legally settled in the UK and have naturalised as British Citizens, Marcel going as far as legally renouncing his Polish Citizenship. Marcel and Alex have lost touch as Alex ‘got in with the wrong crowd’. One day Alex comes to Marcel for help as he is now homeless and destitute. Marcel and Victoria agree to let Alex stay with them in their flat until he can get back on his own two feet.

One morning at 3am Marcel and Victoria’s flat is raided by anti-terror police who arrest Marcel, Victoria and Alex. It later transpires that Alex has been involved with an organisation prescribed by the Secretary of State for the Home Department for their extreme pro-socialist and anti-establishment views. While Marcel and Victoria protest their innocence, because of their harbouring Alex, the Home Sectary makes an order stripping them all of their British Citizenship.

Advise Victoria, Marcel and Alex on the legality of the removal of their citizenship.

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