All my sons



What moral values does the play make you consider? Who is right and wrong in this play, if anyone? Did any
characters do the right thing in this play? Which characters represent different values? Can any of the
characters be considered “good” or “bad” people? Conclude by mentioning your own opinions, based on the
How does Arthur Miller structure time in this play? Explain the idea of unity of time and how he utilizes this in
his play. How does he bring together the past and the present into this moment in the lives of the Keller family?
How is the past part of the present? What does the tree in the beginning of the story symbolize? Conclude by
mentioning your own opinions of separating or moving on from the past.
What does the play have to say about the responsibilities of the individual? Are we primarily responsible to
ourselves and our family, or to society? Think about what obligations parents have to their children. Should
parents always put their family above all else? Write about how various characters in the play illustrate different
sides of this theme. Conclude by mentioning your own opinions, based on the play

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