Analysis of Issues in American Federalism


A) Assess the Federalist system in America today. In your view, do you think there is a proper balance between the power of the federal government and the states? Or do you see it as needing improvement. Use specific examples of current topics along with theory, philosophy and Supreme Court decisions that we’ve studied.
B) Assess the Constitution through the lens of federalism. Discuss the Great Compromise, and the final product of the Constitutional Convention. Do you believe the final product has helped foster a proper federalist system suited for the United States? Or do you think some of the omitted parts of the Virginia or New Jersey plan should have been included. What do you think about the final product in Articles II and III? Could you suggest improvements on the executive of Judiciary (again, in light of American federalism)?
C) What is your view of the 10th Amendment? Using specific examples, address whether issues such as education, the public health, safety, morals, and police powers (you don’t need to address all of these issues. You can pick just one or two if you’d like) are best left to the states or the federal government? Or a combination. Be sure to address the Constitutional concerns. Also, you may (or may not) address whether the federalist system in the United States is working properly or is there room for improvement.
D) McColloch v. Maryland. Analyze this landmark Supreme Court decision. Express your views regarding the decision, particularly as it relates to the necessary and proper clause. What impact do you believe this decision had on the American Federalist system?
E) Pick Your Own Topic. Choose a topic of your own. If you choose this option, your topic must be approved by me. Please email me if you intend to choose your own topic. We can agree upon the specifics either through email or over the phone.


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