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Throughout this course we will have a selection of guest speakers present through collaborate and video presentations, on what is foreseen  as trends in the tourism and hospitality industry. Your assignment is to write an analytical essay on one or two trends from our guest speakers, tying in the learning’s from our video presentations, on-line class discussions / learning and readings from the course material. 

To write a strong analytical essay you need to interpret the strengths and weaknesses of the trends you are writing on.  Compare and contrast it to what you have learned from our guest speakers, on-line discussions and your readings. 

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Structure your paper as follows

Introduction: Get your reader’s attention, clearly state your purpose, which is to compare and contrast what you have learned in our units with what the presenter has presented.  Then be more specific and identify which trend you plan to compare and contrast.

Body: Compare and contrast your chosen trend with what you observed, learned and experienced from our weekly units and your readings.  You are free to tie in supporting documents and research to give more support to your essay.

Conclusion: Summarize your essay.

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This essay must reference a minimum of 3 supporting articles from outside of our class leanings, must reference at least two guest speakers,  and a minimum of 2 weekly units / class readings.  The paper needs to be 1500 words (plus, minus 10%) in length, and follow APA formatting.