Analyzing the film’s structure

write a 300- to 500-word review explaining why this film should or should not be considered for viewing in a World Literature class. You can briefly discuss what you like or do not like about the movie, but focus more on the historical value.

1. Analyze the film’s structure. Is historical chronological order adhered to or violated? Is the structure of the film used to evoke an emotional response?
2. How is the central conflict presented and resolved?
3. Analyze the film’s point of view. Is the narrator a character in the story or not? How objective is the narrator and how limited are his or her perceptions?
4. Analyze the theme. What concept, thought, opinion or belief is the author expressing? Is the author of the film making a value judgement? Is the theme/message still valid today?
5. Overall, does the movie’s narrative accurately portray the historical time period? Why or why not?

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