Answer two tim questions based mainly on ppt, can use other sources

1. Choose an organization that you interact with regularly and list as many different “systems” (computer-based or not) as you can that are used to process transactions, provide information to managers and executives, help managers and executives make decisions, aid group decision making, capture knowledge and provide expertise, help design products and/or facilities, and assist people in communicating with one another. Draw a diagram that shows how these systems interact (or should interact) with one another. Are these systems well integrated?

2. 18 Obtain two copes of actual RFPs used for information systems developments and/or purchases. One copy from public and one copy from a private organization. Or one copy for non profit (including government) and one copy from for profit (normal companies). If you have trouble finding RFPs, you can use the tow examples below: (Links to an external site.)

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Please answer: How they are used. What are the major components of these proposals? Do these proposals seem to be useful? Why or why not? How and why do RFPs from the two organizations differ?