Are there enough tools available to transform the working environment into the new standard?Discuss


Project details

This topic is related to one of the main concerns’ organizations have nowadays. The work environment has changed significantly the last year and all corporates from a small company to a large organization has changed the way they operate. The major change for the employees is the restrictions to work form the traditional office environment but the expectations for performance remained the same or in some cases multiplied.

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This is a significant challenge also for the leaders as they called to remain focus on their day to day business, their work plan objectives and at the same time to continually develop their teams remotely. The challenge becomes more complicated when comes to new hires and the new ways they need to be identified so to integrate them into the corporate ecosystem. What makes this project important is that the change that happened in the last year in the workspace is the new standard and the new way of work.

It is now proven that organizations are able to operate with a remote workforce and many of them have already established or currently review how to move in a collaborative office environment with a hybrid model in regard to the days spent between home and office. This is happening without any standards or procedures and how leaders can continue to develop their teams at the same level as learned and were doing in the past based on a traditional office environment and face to face interaction or on the job training.

It is required an immediate review of the options available for the leaders so as to continue to develop their teams, develop themselves and adjust their leadership style so as to be able to execute more efficiently their work under the new conditions. New frameworks need to be designed to address these challenges.

Also, this will support the move in this direction and will help the companies modify their operations and make them work better for both leaders and employees. It will be a competitive advantage for a company to have a procedure in place to manage this situation as will be able to attract talents with specific skills and traits which will help them to accelerate their growth plans.

Some research questions you will be looking to answer but could be more:

How do the employees want to be trained and developed?

Do the trainers need to develop new skills? Do the same apply to the leaders?

Are there enough tools available to transform the working environment into the new standard?

What is the behavioural impact both to leaders and their teams?

Do we see the employee turnover been increased? Do the organisation’s with advanced remote work schemes seek the best talents?

Does the performance evaluation work based on the old standards?

How we identify the high performer’s individuals and how we handle the low performer’s individuals?

Is it possible to work for a company based in a different country from your home? What are the benefits and challenges, tax, regulations?

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