Argumentative research paper 5 page


The essay is where you make a claim; this argumentative research paper can be related to any of the themes/concepts you have learned in class or in another area related to advertisement and communication; your thesis must be uniquely original. What do you wish to say? Your goal is to convince me on why your idea is correct by using substantial, quality reasoning (topic sentences).

Your essay must be at least five pages long, double spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri style, 12-point font, and use APA formatting. In addition, you must use at least three scholarly sources from the course material when you submit your essay. Please see me any time before you begin your essay if you wish. When you see the me about your essay, you must have a rough outline and be prepared to discuss your concepts. 

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A well written essay is formal in nature, will critically engage with the concepts and provide adequate examples and explanation of the topic with concrete details. Your paper will be marked according to: a clear thesis; the correct use of relevant, class concepts; the comprehensive nature of your examples and context; clear meaning; logical organization of ideas; and your own voice.