Art and Art History

History. Contexts: Drawing upon the readings, lectures and course modules, what might be the object’s/monument’s relationship to its historical or artistic context? Visual Qualities: How does composition/form, material/technique, and/or iconography help to illustrate the historical or artistic context of the object/monument? Terms and Names: What terms or key figures do you think are relevant to this work? Provide a definition or explanation. Please write in complete sentences. Write approximately 250 words and up to 500 words. Your answer will be graded in terms of how well you argue for the identification, rather than whether or not you hit on the correct one! Remember, you can refer to other works of art in your answer, but also be sure to explain how the works compare. Your answer should be analytical rather than purely descriptive. Stronger answers will draw upon major stylistic, innovative, thematic changes and the appropriate terminology. Part 2. Compare and Contrast These works (10 points): Compare and contrast ONE of the following 2 pairs of images, in order to demonstrate that you have absorbed, understood, and engaged with the material including readings and lectures • There is no grade for identification; the images have been identified for you. • You will be graded on your comparative visual analysis of the works. • Drawing upon material posted in the Modules and in the textbook, your responses should discuss aspects of style and representation, along with considerations of the patronage, religious, political, social, economic and/or regional factors that may have affected the creation of each image in their respective contexts. • Each response should be a minimum of 400-600 words to a maximum of 1 full page of text (12 pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced). NOTE: You will not be marked on anything that exceeds the word limit. • Answer in full sentences and paragraphs Comparison Pair 1: Comparison Pair 2 A. Mesopotamian, Votive Statue of Gudea. Diorite, c. 2090 BCE. Height 29”. B. Roman, Patrician Carrying Portrait Busts of Two Ancestors (Barberini Togatus). End of 1st century BCE or beginning of 1st century CE, marble, Height 5’ 5”.

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