Art & architecture Topic

Art & architecture
Topic: This assignment focuses on the technique used for making artworks
Paper details:

This assignment focuses on the technique used for making artworks. Choose one of the
following topics:
1. Maurya Period Sculpture
2. Copper Alloy Chola Period Festival Bronzes
3. Mughal Period Manuscript Painting
4. Rock-cut Architecture in Western India

1. Choose your topic.
2. Research the technique online.
3. Look on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website (,
the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (, or another museum,
for works of art made using that technique. Choose two works of art using that
technique. Or look online to find examples of architecture in situ. Choose two
architectural sites using that technique.
4. Write a four-page paper about the technique using the artworks as examples of the

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• Number the pages at the bottom of the text.
• Use citations! Use the MLA format, look it up at on the Purdue OWL
• Include a separate bibliography page
• Include a page of reproductions of the artworks, make sure you cite where you got the
reproductions. Make this the last page of your paper

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