Assessment 1 Instructions

Assessment 1 Instructions: Interview and Leadership Analysis
Write a 3-4-page summary of an interview with a health care leader who could serve as your preceptor for your doctoral project. Also, determine and define a gap, a need, or an opportunity that will serve as the basis for the remaining assessments in this course
Ask interview questions that allow you to do the following:
Evaluate the primary leadership style of your chosen leader.
What are the leader’s credentials and what is his or her formal position in the organization?
What role does the leader play in the organization, system, or public health arena?
Is he or she a mentor to others?
How visible is the leader within the organization or system?
How would you characterize his or her leadership style;(that is;transformational, transactional, et cetera)?
What is his or her role in communication?
Is he or she viewed as a change agent?
Assess the leader’s organizational role as it relates to quality, safety, and evidence-based standards.
How is the leader’s role interdisciplinary?
What is one example of how this leader facilitates, participates, or fosters interprofessional or interdisciplinary collaboration?
What is an example of how this leader champions quality and safety in the organization or public health system?
Evaluate the leader’s qualifications to be a doctoral preceptor.
Is this person trusted and respected in the organization and community?
Identify the connections he or she has to formal and informal power;and how these might be leveraged to assist you in a quality improvement project or evidence-based practice change.
For example, could you get help with;navigating policy, recruiting team members, or enlisting buy-in?
Describe a gap, a problem, or an opportunity for a doctoral project.
Can this be connected to an organizational, systemic, or public health strategic priority?
What are the implications for patient outcomes and safety?
Assess the;leader’s approach to data management.


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