Assessment 2 Person-Centered Assessment And Care

Assessment 2: Person-Centered Assessment And Care:
• Due date: 16/05/2021 – 23:59 ACT time (Week 10)
• Length: 2000 words +/- 10% (excluding references) Markers will stop reading at the maximum allowable word count
• Referencing: At least 5 high quality, current Australian resources (published within the last 5 years), integrated in APA 7th style
• Relevance: High quality aged care is dependent on a holistic and integrative approach to patient assessment and care planning.
Read the case study answer the following questions:
Assessment two (2000 words)
Assessment part 1 (1500 words)
Hospital policy is that Mr Jungala receive the assessments below. For this assessment, the student needs to:
1. Detail the goal or the purpose of each assessment,
2. give an example of a tool used in the Australian hospitals and the frequency it is utilised.
3. Explain how this assessment is related to Mr Jungala case and who you would report abnormal findings to.
The assessments are the following:
• Cognitive assessment
• Falls assessment
• Functional assessment
Part 2: Plan and implementation (500 words)
• 1.Normal age-related changes, 2. Mr Jungula’s co-morbidities, 3. acute illness and 4. medications are all factors may have contributed to his fall.
Choose ONLY ONE factor and detail the following:
1. What health promotion or education would you the nurse provide in preparation for discharge.
2. TWO referrals you would execute and the rationale behind each referral
Please note in case a student detailed more than one factor, the marker will address and mark only the first factor outlined.

Presentation guidelines
• Complete the footer as prompted i.e. last name_student number_NUR341_ Assessment 2
• Format your assessment with size 12 point Arial font, single spacing and double spacing for end-of-text reference list.
• Complete spelling and grammar check using English (Australia) default.
• A minimum of 5 peer reviewed journals or texts no more than 5 years old.
• Use APA 7th referencing.
• 2000 word limit: Part 1 (1500 words) and Part 2 (500 words). The end-of-text reference list is NOT included in the word count.
• Save the final version of your paper using the filename of last name_student number_NUR341_ Assessment 2

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