Assignment #6

Assignment #6
WEEK 6: The Colonial Legacy (October 1 – October 7)
The basic outlines of colonial society, the importance of class, gender, and race, and 
the bases of Iberian hegemony.
·         Lecture #6

Reading #6: Charles Wagley, “On the Concept of Social Race in the Americas”
Film: Yo, la peor de todas (film about Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 1 hour, 47 minutes)

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Assignment #6 (due date: October 7)

Week 6 Discussion Board

1.       The lecture covered the bases for Spanish hegemony in the New World. Drawing from events in the film about Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, illustrate your understanding of the concept of hegemony and how it was practiced by the Spanish in the Americas. (10 points)
2.      Social race is culturally based, which means that how races are defined will vary from culture to culture. Wagley illustrates this by providing three examples of how racial classification systems vary across the Americas. Present those three examples to show your understanding of how racial mixture in the Americas resulted in different ways to classify races. (10 points)
Read the Assignment Guidelines posted under the Assignments section in the BlackBoard menu. Those guidelines apply to all assignments.
Please do not recopy the questions when you answer them. Just identify each question by its number and answer them on a separate sheet. Make sure you answer the questions and that you support your answer with the appropriate course materials.
Please answer in your own words. What I am looking for is to see if you understand the material. You do not reveal an understanding of the material if you cut and paste from the readings or other online resources. The policy on plagiarism that is in the syllabus applies to assignments.  
Please proofread what you are turning in, especially in correcting typos and misspellings.    


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