Biological evolution




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Despite being well understood and well established by the scientific community, the idea of biological evolution has mixed acceptance among the American public at large. Write a short essay explaining the reasons why evolution is frequently considered controversial or noncontroversial outside of the scientific community, such as in the fields of politics, religion, or other social areas like education.

The goal of the assignment is to address the reasons why there is conflict over evolution within religious, political, or other social systems. The topic is not science vs. politics, orscience vs. religion… Science is just the testing of ideas and doesn’t oppose any of those things.

What are the reasons for support and opposition within the area of politics? Why are some religious groups strongly opposed to evolution, while other religious groups accept it? Why do people in those fields argue strongly for and against evolution, but aren’t troubled by equally understood and established scientific ideas, like the theory of gravity or the formation of rocks?

You don’t need to explain what evolution is. Assume the target reader already knows. You may feel free to discuss your own personal acceptance or non-acceptance of evolution, but this is not required.



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