Bringing a Virtual Classroom to Life. (Episode 6)

1. Video Title: Bringing a Virtual Classroom to Life. (Episode 6)
2. Introduce the video by using the information on the website. 3.Describe what the video explained. (this section may be 2-3 paragraphs) What is the overall focus of the video? What were the teachers doing, saying? How the children responded. What was the family’s role? What teaching strategies were observed? What tools did the teachers use? Did you notice any forms of documentation?
4. What are your thought on the materials the teachers used, the preparation, the online environment, organization of staff, control of any children present, timing of the presentations, etc.?
5. Your personal reflections on the experience and what you observed. Include your perspective for the teachers and the students, and families. How would you use what you observed in your work with young children? What is unique about the experiences the professional and parents shared in the video?