Business law

1. Choose a story in the news about a criminal prosecution and discuss (i) if you think the accused received or is getting fair treatment by the news story, and
(ii) if you think the accused received or is getting fair treatment by the Court (200-400 words).
2. Choose a crime and describe a creative “disposition” or punishment that is not currently prescribed by law and that you think would help the community
and the offender—something other than jail, community service, ne, or standard probation supervision—for example people convicted of Driving While
Intoxicated (DWI) must attend a Victim Impact Panel where victims’ of DWI or their families give a presentation about how dicult their life has been
because of their injury or death from a DWI (100-300 words).
3. Choose any three (3) exercises in Chapter 6 on pp. 206, 215, 218, 221, 223, or 226, and write answers (100-250 words each).
4. Choose either case at the end of Chapter 6, State v. Mills, starting on p. 226, or United States v. Parks starting on p. 228, and answer the Case Questions at
the end of either case (100-200 words total for all questions).

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