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Discussion questions:

· In the course reading this week there was a focus on ‘noise’ preventing effective communication.  Explain the different types of noise introduced and provide workplace scenarios describing situation where the noise could exist.

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· Explain why change is hard for your employees.

· Describe how a Change Agent can help an organization navigate through difficulties.

This posting should answer the requirements using the resources listed below (not external source material) to support the ideas presented.  

It is important to write concisely, provide the chapter title, chapter heading, page, or paragraph number.  Include in-text citations and a reference in a reference list.


Why It Matters: Communication

Communication and Management

Typical Communication Flows

Barriers to Effective Communication

Channels of Business Communication

Putting It Together: Communication

Why It Matters: Decision Making

Barriers to Individual Decision Making and Styles of Decision Making

Rational Decision Making vs. Other Types of Decision Making

Adapting and Innovating

Technology and Innovation

Managing Change for Organizations

Managing Change for Employees