Case Giving Time to get Employees Engaged



Cadence Design Systems demonstrates how, apart from extrinsic rewards, providing employees with avenues
to fulfill their social service needs and the contentment derived from that can go a long way in increasing their
commitment to the company.
1. Identify other companies that offer volunteer programs and compare their programs to that at Cadence.
What are some of the outcomes those companies have achieved regarding employee recruiting, engagement,
or retention?
Students’ answers will vary. Some students may provide the names of some well-known companies that have
dedicatedly shown exemplary work in philanthropic activities through the years and have fulfilled the mandatory
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements and more. Students may also share some facts and data
about the outcomes of these companies’ social service undertakings, especially demonstrating how the
companies have managed to recruit, engage, and retain employees better through such activities.
2. As a future job seeker, how important would a company’s charitable work be in your job search decision?
Research this aspect of recruiting and retention to learn if workers in the Millennial generation and Generation
Z value this more than Generation X or Baby Boomer workers. How might this affect companies in the future?
Students’ answers will vary. Some students may say that aspirants should ideally seek jobs in companies that
focus on employee engagement, as it plays a vital role in promoting their own growth. The concept of
engagement suggests that workers can contribute much more effectively to organizational results if they feel
more connected to the workplace. Engaged workers are seen to be more productive, exhibit greater
dedication, perform at higher levels, and have higher retention than do unengaged workers.
Students may also provide data on the generation of workers that is most receptive to the concept of
engagement and support the claim with adequate examples. They may add that companies attracting more
Millennials through their engagement programs would probably experience a workplace environment that
exhibits more fun, energy, and creativity

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