Character Development


Choose one of the short stories in the required reading.
Reflect and respond to one of the short stories you read by selecting one of the following prompts:
– Imagine that you could become an omniscient character in any of the pieces you have read and could change
the plot somehow. Describe the piece of literature in which the character belongs, and how that character
would alter the plot. Use details from the piece to note how the plot might change.
– Using a short story that you read in this unit, analyze a character who begins as a minor character, but
evolves into a major character with an important role as the story progresses.
– Using a short story with which you are familiar, examine how one character influences other characters to
– Examine a character who embodies a dark mood.
– Examine a character who goes through a complete mental breakdown as the story progresses.
– Examine the attributes of a determined character.


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