Children’s Literature Blog, Graphic Novels



As a teacher, you want to reach as many students as possible. You are familiar with some young kids who are not into reading traditional literature and have suggested graphic novels. You’ve seen success with their reading skills, and you’d like to share some insight on using graphic novels to teach literary devices. You decide that your blog post this week will focus on implementing effective instruction using graphic novels.

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Continue adding to the blog you created last week.

Create a comparison table that evaluates 3 criteria of graphic novels and folklore/traditional literature.

Under the comparison table, write a 350- to 525-word blog entry with the following information:
An explanation of how the key elements of graphic novels can be integrated into a curriculum
An explanation of how graphic novels can keep a child’s interest
2 graphic novels recommendations for the reading level of your choice

Include citations within your blog entry for any resources you consulted. Add the references to the bottom of your blog entry.



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