China’s one child policy

Assignment Title

Article Analysis

Aligned Outcomes

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Empirical and Quantitative Skills, Social Responsibility, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills


I. Reading Selection:

Select an article pertaining to world regional geography covered in this course from a scholarly periodical from the San Jacinto College Library System (either in print or through a database.)

II. Preparation of Article Analysis:

A. Content

1. Thesis – Explain the topic of the article as well as the author’s main argument or focus.

EXPLAINED: The student is expected to write a thesis that presents the main point(s) of the article or the author’s thesis/argument, as well as, provide supporting sentences how this thesis or argument is proved in the article. Basically, why is this article so very important?

2. Evidence – Analyze the evidence that the author uses to support his/her thesis. Does the evidence support the thesis? (Please identify any primary sources used.) What qualifications does the author have that make him/her qualified to write on the subject?

EXPLAINED: What specific evidence (i.e., sources/references/documentation) does the author use to support (justify) his argument? Explain why and how the sources support or do not support the argument from the reader’s viewpoint.

3. Conclusion – Provide comments and/or criticisms of the work. Read and comment on one or two contrary perspectives on the topic (one must be primary.) How does this issue affect your world today and does is change your outlook in any way or push you toward any action?

EXPLAINED: The student is expected to write a final, logical conclusion to this article possibly explaining how the issues might impact the contemporary world or if the article changes your outlook on the issue. Remember, to focus on the existing article and make a logical, final concluding paragraph.

B. Style

1. Typewritten, Double-Spaced on Letter-size (8 1/2″ x 11″) Plain White Paper. Font Size must be Times New Roman 12 point

2. Length -500 to 750 words

3. Format – Put your name in the upper right hand corner.

Students must cite their work using Chicago Manual of Style or its companion, Turabian: A Manual for Writers



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