Class work competency



A substantive reflective discussion for each portfolio assignment that conveys how the assignment promoted
your understanding of social work practice in terms of professional and personal growth, skills, theory, and
For each assignment competent write at least 3 entries a minimum of one paragraph.
And one paragraph titled expertise throughout the msw program. It can be things of which I am an expert
professionally or personally. Please in bilingual English and creole etc
This was last competency assignment to do in my msw social work program. So mention things about building
advocacy skills, etc
This concentration course prepares advanced clinical social workers to work within the context
of human service organizations and the social welfare policy arena on behalf of individuals,
groups, families, organizations and communities. Focus is on developing competencies aimed at
stimulating change in agencies/organizations and communities that will promote social and
economic justice. Advanced skills taught in this course include policy analysis, program
development and evaluation, assessment of leadership style, advocacy, planning, linking and

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