Classroom Management Evaluation

  1. Communication with Families – Write a     250-500 word email to the families of your future students in which     you introduce yourself. Include your professional background and     provide a brief overview of your teaching philosophy. Identify three     ways you will communicate with the families to establish open     communication. Explain why it is important to maintain a positive,     collaborative relationship to promote the intellectual, social,     emotional, physical growth, and well-being of students.
  2. Classroom Management Evaluation: Write a 250-500 word evaluation     of the effects of professional decisions and actions on students,     families, and other professionals in the learning community. Explain     how you will actively seek input from families, peers, and the     community to grow professionally and improve classroom management.     Include a summary of legal obligations in responding to student     behavior and equity that you have read during your research.
  3. Reflection: In 150-200 words, review the feedback you received     from your peers and instructor on your classroom management plan.     What feedback did you incorporate into your final plan? What     feedback did you choose not to incorporation? Why?

Include a title page, table of contents page, and all resources you   used to create your classroom management plan.