Computed area

A.In the volume computations by trapezoidal formula, the prismoidal correction is

(a) subtractive (b) additive

(c) may be subtractive or additive (d) not applicable

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B. Volume of earthwork can be calculated by

(a) mid-ordinates (b) average ordinates

(c) prismoidal rule (d) Hund’s rule

C. Because of irregular boundaries, if the computed area of a cross section works out

to be less than the actual one, it is known as

(a) under break (b) over break (c) free haul (d) overhaul

D. Which of the following formulae is unjustified in rock excavations?

(a) Trapezoidal (b) Prismoidal (c) Simpson’s (d) Hund’s

E. The curvature correction in the earthwork computation is

(a) always positive

(b) always negative

(c) positive if the centroid and centre of curvature are to the opposite side of the centre line

(d) positive if the centroid and centre of curvature are to the same side of the centre line.

F. The earthwork problems are best dealt with by

(a) moller diagram

(b) mass diagram

(c) haulage diagram

(d) cross-sectional area versus time diagram