Computing areas

A. The method of computing areas by subdividing a plot into triangles is suitable for

(a) work of small nature (b) work of big nature

(c) road work (d) canal work

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B. The method suitable for computing the area when the boundary line departs

considerably from a straight line is

(a) midordinate rule (b) average ordinate rule

(c) trapezoidal rule (d) Simpson’s rule

C. Meridian distance of a survey line is the

(a) distance of its midpoint from the meridian

(b) distance of its far end from the meridian

(c) distance of its near end from the meridian

(d) departure of the line

C. In calculating the area of a plan by a planimeter, the area of zero circle is excluded when the

(a) anchor point is inside the area

(b) anchor point is outside the area

(c) tracing arm is inside the area

(d) tracing arm is outside the ar