Concert Report Draft 2 – Popular Music

Concert Report Draft 2 – Popular Music
Write a report about the Beyonce concert performance following guidelines in the “Guide to Writing a Concert Report” for Pop Music and standards listed in the Concert Report Rubric.
Include the following:
800 Minimum Word Count
1) All performers and program content, including titles as performed in sequence. How does the artist or group alternate pieces or arrange the sequence of the songs (and here they usually are songs) so as to build to a final climax and keep the audience with them at all times?(20%)
(2) Details of the performance venue, including venue, arrangement of musicians and instruments, descriptions of instruments,and audience responses. Does the singer or band perform many new pieces or please the fans by playing mostly the artist’s best-known songs? Does the audience sing along with the musicians? Is there dancing in the aisles or up front, in front of the musicians? If so, this is a sure sign that the performers have done a good job of literally “moving” the listeners. Analysis is yielding to emotion. (20%)
(3) Musical elements for each of the pieces performed (listed below) following the “Guide to Writing a Concert Report” for Popular Music – use time marks (00:00) as a reference in the narrative. As you may have noticed, most classical music concerts consist of known pieces performed in a traditionally accepted way; spontaneous creativity is kept closely in check. How do the artists at your pop concert demonstrate creativity by doing the unexpected, by suddenly improvising, for example? (50%)
(4) Do you sense that there is more of a sense of community and social bonding at your pop concert than at a typical concert of classical music? If so, why might that be? (10%)
Again, show that you’ve learned something in this course. Use your newly developed musical vocabulary. Be specific, such as “The violins convincingly effected a modulation of the theme through different keys from 0:45-1:24 to heighten the anticipation of the ending.” Use correct vocabulary! Use terminology in the Music Styles Guide. There is not such thing as ‘upbeat’ in the music elements vocabulary. If using the term “upbeat,” you must describe specific elements of melody, tempo, rhythm, etc. to receive credit.
02:30 At Last
07:15 If I Were a Boy
11:35 Crazy in Love
15:30 Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
19:36 Grown Woman
25:00 I Will Always Love You
26:30 Halo