Create a PowerPoint slide that shows the organizational chart with position titles (no names) for your company. The chart should have a professional appearance and be easy to read.

Organization Assignment
For this assignment you will create your organizational chart and write a short paper explaining your organizational structure and management. The organizational chart will show the positions you want to include and who and how the reporting should be handled.

This organization that is being created is a Pain Management Practice located in San DiegoCA here are the positions.

The pain management facility will initially have 13 employees: Physician (Anesthesiologist)
Manager Physician Assistant (2)
Billing Department (2) Medical Assistant (2)
New Patient Coordinator Procedure Technician
Procedure Scheduler Front Desk Receptionist
Back Office Assistant

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Create a PowerPoint slide that shows the organizational chart with position titles (no names) for your company. The chart should have a professional appearance and be easy to read.
Must include: hierarchy of reporting line relationships and positions/titles
Size and position it so it all fits on one slide and the text is big enough to read.
On this page write 3-5 paragraphs describing how you want to organize your business and how management will be structured. Your paragraphs should include the following:A brief overview of the type of organization structure you will have (as each health care facility is structured differently whether a hospital private practice or department)
A list of the major positions within your health care organization and their responsibilities.
A description of the type of advisory board or board of directors you will have. Explain the roles of those involved in this panel of experts.
An explanation of why you set your organization up this way.
***It must in PPT for the chart and Word for the paragraphs.***

ABOUT THE FACILITYWhat type of facility will you be working on? A small medical practice for a physician group:Pain Management Solutions
Where will it be located? Provide the city and state and as many other specifics as possible (e.g. in the suburbs near a hospital etc.). Why have you chosen this location?The small medical practice I wish to create will be located in the city of Chula Vista CA this city can be found south of the City of San Diego CA. The area is better known as the South Bay. I selected this location because there are no facilities that are able to offer high quality interventional procedures.
Why is this needed in this location? Be specific is it because of access to care new found need? Who would it affect the most? Why are you passionate about this specific area? List at least three reasons you believe this is needed here.The area of Chula Vista CA has one pain management facility but is located in the newer Chula Vista which is 20-30 min distance from the old Chula Vista.
The current pain management facility located on Chula Vista does not have recognized pain management specialists
I am passionate about the area of Chula Vista because in the past years Ive learned from patients their struggle to drive long distances or to find transportation while experiencing pain.What population do you believe you will serve with this facility? Adults pediatrics geriatric or all populations?The population I will serve with the pain management facility is young adults adults and geriatric.
What services do you plan to offer? Be specific. Consider the patient populations you are want to serve what are their needs and what is currently available to them? What makes the services you are providing different from other institutions available for patients?The services I plan to offer are exclusively interventional procedures: Translaminar Epidural Steroid Injections
Transforaminal Epidural Injections Radio Frequency Ablations
Facet Injections Nerve Blocks
Kyphoplasty PRP Injections
Bursa Injections Spinal Cord Stimulators
Pain Pump Implants
The need and idea for a pain management facility that only offers interventional procedures is based on the fact that many patients have been treating their pain with controlled substances and narcotics prescribed by their primary care physician. With the new regulations implemented by the DEA in regards to prescribing medication patients are no longer able to receive their refills as they would years ago because they are constantly being monitored. Offering interventional procedures will open the minds of those who believed that medication was the only form of treatment for their pain. The services that will be provided at this practice are different from other pain management facilities because most of them offer only certain interventional procedures along with prescriptions for high-dosages of narcotics which in many cases do not have a legitimate medical purpose (DEA 2017).

DEA (2017). Diversion Control Division. Prescription Requirements. Retrieved from

Points Possible: 35
Level 1
15 points for paragraphs (5 points for each bullet point being addressed)
10 points for all components included in organizational chart
5 points for visual appeal of chart
5 points for writing mechanics

Lesson:Organization and Management StructureSBA Organization and Management
Organizational Structure
Sample Organizational Chart
Video: Make an Organizational Chart in MS Word
Everything solid has to have some structure or it will fall. Organizational charts first came about during by the Egyptians as they began a division of labor for building large pyramids. A business or company is no different. A business will need to the same structure to give clear guidelines for the division of labor and show who is responsible for areas of the company. A company should have an organizational chart illustrating the structure. This organizational chart provides a quick glance of who is responsible for what and who reports to who. According to there could be organizational charts that can be set up for functional divisional and matrix organizations. More than likely the functional organizational chart will be the simplest form to use for this project.
In a healthcare facility there are many leadership positions that vary from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as medical assistants. Some typical positions would be an office manager which all your office personnel report to; medical assistants who report to the nurse; and nurses and office managers who report to the doctor. Organizational charts can be complex or simple but either way they are designed to help understand how reporting and leadership process flows.
A basic organizational chart has boxes with lines connecting them to indicate how these positions report to each other. The boxes will contain the position title as well as the persons name that is holding that position. The lines show the relationships between positions. Sometimes you might see an organizational chart with some narrative about the qualifications or responsibilities of that role.
How you structure your business will show both customers and employees who is in charge who is next on the food chain to report problems and ultimately who has the reins. Think about your current employer. If you have a question who do you go ask? If you dont like that answer who is next and so on?
In a health care setting there may be reporting lines that do not make sense. For example a lab supervisor may have to report to a nursing manager instead of a pathology manager. When creating your own management structure who should report to whom and why.
To create an organizational chart first consider what will need to be done at your facility and who youll need to do those jobs. Determine how the labor will be divided and start putting together your chart. The actual chart can be put together using different types of software such as Word or PowerPoint whichever you choose.