Create a video presentation of your services as a global event planner.



In this assignment, you will create a video presentation of your services as a global event planner. Here, you get to be creative. In your presentation, you must introduce yourself and provide your client with your credentials as a planner. Share examples of some of your work. Your goal is to convince prospective clients that you are the event planner of choice! Again, be creative. Use your imagination. Think as if you are a credentialed, qualified, experienced event planner who has handled anything from small, intimate, exclusive events for high-profiled clients to large 500+ attendee conventions. At least two (2) of your events must be international. You must have a minimum of eight (8) content slides and no more than twelve (12) content slides. You must also have a title slide as well as a reference slide.

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Assume that the audience is your peers, and you are presenting this in a classroom setting. Your presentation should include fully researched and developed information. You will not be presenting “in front” of a group of people, but you will be creating and submitting a recorded presentation. The presentation will be created in PowerPoint, Prezi or a different presentation platform, and you will be narrating and recording the presentation as if you are presenting it to a group of people. This will be done by recording your own voice as you move through the slides; this should not be done by using a text to speech application, in which a computer generated voice reads your words out loud.

You will also submit a written “script” or the narration recorded for the presentation, which does not have to be in APA format, but should follow correct grammar and syntax.

Keep in mind the elements of an effective presentation, which you may research on your own, or view some suggestions here:

This project will assess your ability to research, prepare and communicate an organized presentation. Additionally, it will serve to assess your understanding of a leader in the industry, and your ability to prepare and present a professional presentation. Effective design and use of the technology is also a part of your grade. All of the above are important professional skills in our industry.

A good submission will (1) successfully address the assigned questions, (2) refer to associated textbook content/assigned reading, (3) have well-supported opinions and evidence of critical thought, (4) have proper grammar and spelling, and (5) apply APA citation and referencing. A minimum of three (3) academic references are required.


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