Creating a Brochure


So that the information you’ve learned is not wasted and kept to yourself, you will be creating a brochure that you share with your fellow classmates. That way, all can benefit from what you have learned. This is why I insist on no more than 2 people taking the same topic.

First, select a target audience for your brochure. You may wish to have the information in this brochure directed toward teachers, toward parents, toward students (they would have to be either mature students) or whomever. Note whom your target audience is in some way on your brochure.

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Next, create the actual brochure. The hard part will be boiling it down so you get relevant information in a shortened format! The points you should emphasize include:

• About your topic/theorist
• The major points regarding the topic or theorist
• Theoretical reasons why the topic or theorist has value
• What the research says about how the topic or theorist (condensed version)
• Conclusions about the topic or theorist
• List of references/sources






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