Creative writing piece | English homework help



Remember, grammar matters. Please thoroughly proofread 

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I’d like you to create an MLA style cover page for your portfolio.  On your cover page, please center the following information in the following order:


Your Name

Instructor Alley

Creative Writing

Date of submission

Of course, the title page is not counted as page one of your five page minimum.   

*A note about your portfolio’s title:  Please create an engaging, original title that captures the mood, ethos, or tone of the work included in the portfolio. Consider titles of bands, movies, or novels that you admire.  What is it about these titles that win your favor?   Please do not create a bland, obvious title such as “My Creative Writing Portfolio.”  Imagine your portfolio is in a bookstore, and you want people to see your title and be immediately tempted to read your work.  (Of course, if you are submitting one longer work for your portfolio, the title of that work will also be the title of your portfolio.)