CSS 475 Database Management System


Prepare for the future. Assuming the database has all residents of Washington State, show the current status of residents with respect to Covid-19 disease—i.e. immune, vaccinated, exemption claimed (type), or unknown.

Assumptions and Notes:

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a.You are expected to understand standard logical data model notations.

b.Include any appropriate user meaningful like names, as well as unique identifying attributes like IDs. Sort the result appropriate to the request as applicable.

c.Make sure to read and understand each entire request. Italics indicate explicit values, while bolded words provide hints about expected query. Wordings were carefully chosen.

d.Assume attributes suffixed with IDs are integers; Codes and Nos are strings; Flags are Boolean.

e.State assumptions (such as syntax). Feel free to describe approach if you are unable to provide SQL/RA for consideration of partial credit.

Notes and Hints

Make sure to specify the RA notation and SQL standard syntax that you use in your responses. If not specified, it will be assumed Textbook RA and SQL-99 standard syntax.

Make sure to include meaningful, sorted data for output of your query requests

You can submit visually marked up copies of the LDM like I did in class to show how you approached a given request. This will be considered in the grading including partial credit for its use.

You will need to refer to the Original Form for almost all code values. Almost all requests use the description of the value in end-user terminology rather than the associated code value from the form.

The natural language requests are in mixed difficulty order. One request will require SQL DDL, and one request will require non-query SQL DML.

If you do not know how to specify the RA and / or SQL for a request, at least try to describe how you would solve it (including graphical analysis of the problem). Doing so may give you some partial credit. A blank or unanswered request to not receive any credit.

All requests (problems) are worth the same amount including the bonus request.

Make sure that you understand the logical data model before starting the exam.