CST111-Introduction To Computer Science And Information Technology

Activity 1 

Choose at least two businesses to research, including a large and a small organisation. The first section of the report must ensure Mr Patel understands management information systems in organisations. Your report should:

1.analyse how data is used within one of the organisations you have chosen

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2.using the exemplar material evaluate different features of management information systems

3.explain how FTF can comply with legal and organisational requirements when using MIS

4.evaluate how FTF can utilise MIS for competitive advantage

5.Use real examples from real businesses to support your findings.

Activity 2 

In the second section of the report you must use an actual management information system in an organisation. The information from this case study will help Mr Patel understand management information systems in practice.

Choose a business to research and recommend improvements to the management information system. You will need to carry out comprehensive research, so you must know this business well and have access to the relevant information. The research must enable you to:

1.analyse how the business uses its management information system to improve performance

2.evaluate the effectiveness of this system

3.make recommendations to improve the current system.

4.Finally on the basis of this research, you must include a plan to further develop the system