Current Event Reflection


Adhere to the following criteria when conceptualizing your report:

1. Choose a current event or issue that relates to a topic or concept that we have studied in the course. Topic or concept should relate to something we covered in any ONE of Chapters 7-13 (excluding theories of motivation, as that will be a focus of a different paper). Make sure that it is an event or issue that can be understood, explained, and resolved by psychology in some way. It is recommended that you visit the CSP online library, Google Scholar, or reputable news sites for ideas. Wikipedia, personal blogs, etc., are “ok” guides and can be used as supplemental resources but will NOT suffice as the basis of your report.
2. Identify, explain, and discuss the issue.
3. Use psychological theories, terminology, and/or research from the textbook and other sources you find to provide a deeper understanding of the current issue (this should be the bulk of your report).

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