Death penalty


For this assignment you will choose a subject related to the death penalty and find an academic (peer
reviewed) article on the topic. You can find peer reviewed article here (click
on the jstor link to search for your topic) or here (click on SocIndex and
ignore the other databases, be sure to click peer reviewed as a search criterea). Write a two page review of the
article where you discuss what the author was researching, where the sample came from, what was the author
trying to find, what were the results, and what does it mean. Be sure to cite any information using APA format
and to create a reference page (in APA format) that includes a reference for every citation you make.
Remember, you must cite any idea that is not your own as well as any information that is not common
knowledge. DIRECT QUOTES ARE NOT ALLOWED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. I strongly recommend you use to help you with APA format. Attach your assignment as a
word or .pdf file (do not type it in the submission box). Article reviews will be graded for adherence to APA
format, length, grammar and how you convey your ideas


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